Portrait: Marilyn  CornwellMarilyn Cornwell is an artist and photographer who explores two realms - the wonder and magic of gardens and plants in the natural world and the everyday decays in the urban environment.

Her garden photography mission is to capture a gardenís atmosphere, spirit, and beauty in evocative images that preserve garden memories. She seeks out the essence of plants and gardens through the seasons and in the fine details of colour, texture, pattern and form. She is an expert gardener whose own garden inspires her work and is often the setting for her floral portraits.

Her Flowerography Series focuses on the delicate beauty of the floral and natural realm - in their petals, seeds, leaves, stems and bark. There has been a floral language for centuries, where flowers and arrangements were coded messages, known as Floriography. A floral arrangement would allow an expression of feelings to the recipient, giving a rich experience that transcended texture, scent, and colour. The Flowerography Series follows in this tradition. The photographer's eye gives each bloom a voice, creating something beautiful to the visual sense and resonating on a much deeper level of sentiment, emotion and spirit.

Her Urban Extraction Series encompasses the urban world of peeling paint, rust, bruised metal and wasting paper and fabric. She creates abstract images that fascinate the viewer with their origin and source.

Her Marvelling the Mushroom Series explores the abstract miniature world of mushrooms and she transforms the viewer's experience of these exquisite marvels of line, form and colour.